Monday, April 24, 2006

Lesson Plan

  • Lesson Plan Week Five

Jeremy Gaulke?
Debrief Potts Lecture
Debrief Potts Reading
Official Responses
Cliff Notes
Reading responses
i. Memorization
ii. Letter
iii. Questions to ask any poem
iv. Imitation poem/story—with paragraphs
v. Cover/Broadside—with paragraphs

A couple other things about Potts.
The Temple
Tsunami Press

Return materials from last week.

Update on video.

Kiot? Beethoven and the Birds?

Cliff Notes for Skillman.

My notes for Skillman.

Heat Lightning

For next week, Skillman wants us to bring an unfinished poem
That’s what we will be doing tonight.

Writing unfinished poems.

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