Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Intro to Seeking Light in Each Dark Room

The book is the result of Bodeen’s Latino Literature class at DHS.

Sequel to “With My Hands Full/Con Mis Manos Llenas”

Much of it is not professional writing

Again, structure helps us understand the book
Part 1: The call to the journey (read the first poem)
Part 2: Extended writing from three students
Part 3: Epic spiritual journey by Neruda/imitation poems in 12 parts
Part 4: Letters to Women (6 women in Latin American culture/history)
Part 5: Interviews with Mothers/Fathers—the journey inside the family, with captions
Part 6: Their own stories, finally
Part 7: About the Authors and Vocabulario

Tough book to read straight through, or even get your arms around but also, ambitious on the part of the students and the press.

Also, a document that will probably grow in importance over time

Took the students around the country: New York, Texas, Seattle (x2), Vancouver?

The plan for Monday is: Part one of documentary followed by a panel discussion for the lecture. Part two of the documentary followed by readings from Manuh Santos, Eloisa Gonzales and Michelle Martinez. Maybe from DHS?

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