Monday, May 21, 2007

Lesson Plan Week 8

Lesson Plan Week 8 Writers and Ideas

1. Creative Writing Summer Quarter

  1. Issue of 4 or 5?

  1. Seeking Light general reaction to the reading/lecture

  1. Book reactions?

  1. Creative Responses?

  1. Study Questions

    1. (Mandatory) Find 2 examples from the book of a student “abrecamino”. What way did they open? What chains did they break?

    1. Explain the similarities between this book and “Impulse to Love” or the similarities between the students’ journey and Bodeen’s. What is it about these students that Bodeen identifies with?

    1. Add to the vocabulario section with definitions of your own.

    1. Explain how the stories in this book are/are not examples of “Na├»ve”, “Primitive” or “Outsider” art.

    1. Why does Bodeen focus on women in Latino literature/culture? What is he trying to say/teach to these students and to the reader?

    1. How do the photographs contribute to this book? (This is a crappy question, please only answer it if you can make it interesting).

    1. Provide a footnote for one of the historical/literary figures in the Images of Women section.

  1. Break
  2. Preview of Jenifer’s book
    1. Alaska
    2. Poulsbo
    3. Sister
    4. Father
    5. Centrum

Study question for Jenifer’s book

  1. In the blurb on the back, Joseph Stroud says, “what strikes me most about her work is how elegy turns from grief to wonder to praise.” Find an example of grief and example of wonder and an example of praise in one or several of her “elegiac” poems.

  1. Epigraphs are short quotes that precede a work of art that usually IMPLIES the theme of that work of art. Terry Martin has one at the start of each of her sections. Lawrence does not. That’s your job. Find an appropriate epigraph for each section of this book and write a brief explanation of why you chose it. What are you trying to imply about this section?
  2. What is your favorite section? Explain your preference.

  1. What type of sonnet is “Stephen’s Passage”? Where is the turn?

  1. Other than the sonnet, what other “formal” poems are you able to find? What are the other forms she uses? (At least one is syllabic?)

  1. Explore the motif of stains/color that has been pressed into things, in the book. Find them. Find connections? What does this thread imply?

  1. In the poem, “Home Economics” the speaker listens to a story about abuse. Her reaction is, “No shit” but she’s digging a tracing wheel into her palm then follows the “dotted line” back to her desk. Explain how this reaction serves as a good example of Lawrence’s voice/style as a poet.

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