Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Letter from Antonia and Maria Caro

10 de mayo de 2007

Estimado profesor Bodeen y audiencia:

It is an honor to have been chosen to read this letter and our poems in class. We really appreciate this opportunity and hope that you enjoy learning about Latinos experiences and lives. Saludos desde Valdivia Chile.

We remember as if it was yesterday that we were in the Latino Literature classes, not only because we enjoyed being there but also because we learned about the power that a poem might have in someone’s life. Being in Neruda´s homeland helps to understand his writings and poems. We are planning a trip to Isla Negra, one of Neruda´s home. This place was one were he inspired to write many of his poems, just by looking at the sea and its immensity. In the month and a half that we have been in Chile, we have learned a lot about the Chilean culture, literature and most importantly their history. This has helped us to understand Latinos differences and similarities. Now we know that not all Latinos think, act or live the same way and especially women. I see the Latina’s power on the streets, and in education. One would think that Chile is a country where women have more power than in other country because they have a female president, but that is not the reality. From my point of view, many women are struggling because of the Machismo, and men dominance. Women are very reserved, and quiet. People do not talk to foreigners, and it is really hard to make friends with them. They are very reserved, and most of the time do not interact with others.

At the end of April we had the opportunity to go on a week long trip to Bariloche, Argentina. It was amazing to see how Argentinian´s are more open to people and how friendly they were in general. I could observe that Argentinian women have more confidence in themselves than Chilean women.

As Latinas we consider ourselves very strong women who are striving for a bright and better future not only for ourselves but for other women. We want to make a difference in our future students´ lives. ¨we want to make a way where there is no way¨ this is one of the reasons that we are in South America, we want to explore other lands and learn from people who have different ideas. I have noticed that we are not the same since we got here, this experience has had a big impact in our lives, and we will never be the same. Now, I see the world with different eyes, the eyes of our roots, nuestros antepasados, Los Incas, Los Mayas, Los Mapuches y Huilliches, porque nunca seremos los mismos y su sangre corre por nuestras venas. A world that screams and wants to express its
greatness. El cual fue opacado y nunca volvera a ser lo que fue.

Gracias por su atenciĆ³n y espero que puedan ver hazi como nosotras con nuevos ojos una perspectiva del mundo diferente.

Disfruten de los poemas y las fotografias.

Antonia y Maria Caro

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